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> Drum Handling Equipment

Reiko Store offers a wide array of Drum & Pail Handling Equipment which includes but is not limited to Drum Crushers, Compactors, Positioners, Dumpers, Forklift Mounted Lifters, Transporters, Carts, Containers, Retention Basins, Racks, Covers, Deheaders, Heaters, Pails, Pail Equipment and Cylinder Equipment. 

Reiko Store is commited to provide the best shopping experience, customer service and educating customers on the benefits of our products. 


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Our Drum & Pail Handling Equipment have the best steel built quality and accomodates every application needed in terms pails and drums. Using Reiko Store equipment you can do anything from compacting trash to crush/compact drums, lift, rotate, dump or just transport drums. 

Please contact Reiko Store at (888) 707-4001 or email us at for more information about Drum & Pail Handling Equipment.