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Vestil D-350 Dock Seals (for 8' wide x 9' high doors)

SKU: D-350-10
ESTIMATED LEAD TIME: 3 business days to leave warehouse


  • The vinyl facing is made of superior 36 oz. nylon reinforcement which has a higher tear strength than a hypalon with equivalent weight.
  • The ends are chemically sealed which prevents moisture infiltration.
  • These Dock Seals are mounted on and bonded to a durable wolmanized wood and contains a full height air escape tunnel (built-in air tunnels allow air to escape when contacted by a trailer)
  • Unit contains a three (3) piece construction (12" high; sides - beveled sides with 9-1/2" width at the wall and 12" width at the face) and also includes a through the wall installation kit.
  • 5" maximum compression is recommended.
  • Full dock protection is ensured by the three foam-filled pads.
  • Dock Seals have a maximum compression design to ensure maximum protection.
  • Fast and easy installation using the mounting hardware and installation instructions. 
  • For a flush dock to building using an Edge-O-Dock Leveler, it is recommended to use a twenty (20) inch projection Dock Seal.

        SURVEY SHEET (To ensure proper size, you may complete and then email us the survey sheet. Units are non-returnable)


Header Width (in.) 120
Header Height (in.) 12
Nylon Reinforced Vinyl (oz.) 36
Nylon Reinforced Guide Strips (in.) 2
Top Pad Flap Height (in.) 12
Side Width (in.) 10
Side Height (in.) 108
Face Width (in.) 12
Maximum Compression (in.) 5
Max. Door Width (in.) 96
Max. Door Width (feet) 8
Max. Door Height (in.) 108
Max. Door Height (feet) 9
Usable Door Width (in.) 96
Usable Door Height (in.) 108
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Technical Drawings

Dock Seals (for 8' wide x 9' high doors):
SKUAnswerDescriptionProjectionOverall HeightOverall WidthWeightPriceQty
D-350-10D-350-10Dock Seal ( 8'W x 9"H Door)10"120"120"216 LBS $902.00
D-350-11D-350-11Dock Seal ( 8'W x 9"H Door)11"120"120"218 LBS $971.00
D-350-12D-350-12 Dock Seal ( 8'W x 9"H Door)12" 120" 120"220 LBS $979.00
D-350-13D-350-13Dock Seal ( 8'W x 9"H Door)13"120"120"225 LBS $1,000.00
D-350-14D-350-14Dock Seal ( 8'W x 9"H Door)14"120"120" 237 LBS $1,114.00
D-350-15D-350-15Dock Seal ( 8'W x 9"H Door)15"120"120" 243 LBS $1,122.00
D-350-16D-350-16Dock Seal ( 8'W x 9"H Door)16"120"120"248 LBS $1,151.00
D-350-17D-350-17Dock Seal ( 8'W x 9"H Door)17"120"120"250 LBS $1,177.00
D-350-18D-350-18Dock Seal ( 8'W x 9"H Door)18"120"120"264 LBS $1,203.00
D-350-19D-350-19Dock Seal ( 8'W x 9"H Door)19"120" 120" 270 LBS $1,228.00
D-350-20D-350-20Dock Seal ( 8'W x 9"H Door)20"120"120"275 LBS $1,252.00

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