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Vestil H Style Light Duty - Low Profile 90 degrees Self-Dumping Steel Hoppers

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Vestil Low Profile 90° Self-Dumping H Style Steel Hoppers


  • Vestil Low Profile Hopper LD is constructed of 12 gauge steel and features a blue baked-in powder-coated toughness with a galvanized base.
  • Units feature a full 90 degrees dump angle with a cushioned rubber bumper stop. The low profile design is essential for convenient loading.
  • Dumping with a fork truck is quick and simple. A cable is pulled from the seat of the fork truck to dump the hopper. The unit returns to an upright and locked position when lowered to the ground.
  • The included safety restraint/chain must be securely attached to the lift truck without slack.
  • 22" L usable fork pockets measure 7"W x 2"H.
  • Formed base thickness is 1/4".
  • Models H-25 may be stacked with H-50 models,while, the H-100 can be stacked with the H-150 models.
  • Never stack hoppers more than 3 high. Must be attached to fork truck when dumping.


Uniform Capacity (lb.) 2,000  
Steel (gauge) 12  
Usable Fork Pocket Length (in.) 22  
Usable Fork Pocket Width (in.) 7  
Usable Fork Pocket Height (in.) 2  
Formed Base Thickness (in.) 1/4  
Pull Cable Length (ft.) 4  
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Technical Drawing H-25-LD  
Technical Drawing H-50-LD  
Technical Drawing H-100-LD  
Technical Drawing H-150-LD  

Model: H-100-LD Self-Dumping H Style Hopper 360 View

Model: H-25-LD Self-Dumping H Style Hopper


Vestil H-Series Hopper - Controlled Dumping 101



Vesti H-LD Style Light Duty - 12 Gauge Steel:
SKUAnswerVolume Cubic YardsCapacity (lbs.)Overall (WxLxH)Fork Pocket CentersWeightPriceQty
H-33-LDH-33-LD3-Jan200027" x 48-5/16" x 22-7/16"11-5/8"195 LBS $791.00
H-75-LDH-75-LD4-Mar200027" x 56-9/16" x 38-5/8"11-5/8"241 LBS $924.00
H-25-LDH-25-LD4-Jan200027"x 46-1/8"x21-3/8"11-5/8"179 LBS $739.00
H-50-LDH-50-LD2-Jan200027" x 51-3/16"x 28-1/8" 11-5/8" 210 LBS $843.00
H-100-LDH-100-LD1200051"x 51-3/16"x 28-1/8" 21-5/8" 311 LBS $1,006.00
H-150-LDH-150-LD1/1/02200051"x 56-1/2"x 38-5/8"21-5/8"360 LBS $1,150.00
SKUAnswerDescription Caster Capacity (lbs)WeightPriceQty
H-CK3-GFN6-2H-CK3-GFN6-2(3) 6"x2" Glass Filled Nylon Casters. For Models H-25 & H-503600 lbs LESS the hopper weight17 LBS $82.00
H-CK3-PU6-2H-CK3-PU6-2(3) 6"x2" Poly On Steel Casters. For models H-25 & H-503600 lbs LESS the hopper weight26 LBS $93.00
H-CK3-SC6-2H-CK3-SC6-2(3) 6"x2" Semi Steel Casters. For models H-25 & H-503600 lbs LESS the hopper weight27 LBS $102.00
H-CK4-GFN6-2H-CK4-GFN6-2(4) 6"x2" Glass Filled Nylon Casters. For Models H-100 & H-1504800 lbs LESS the hopper weight18 LBS $119.00
H-CK4-MR6-2H-CK4-MR6-2(4) 6"x2" Mold On Rubber Casters. For models H-100-LD & H-150-LD2400 lbs LESS the hopper weight27 LBS $146.00
H-CK4-PU6-2H-CK4-PU6-2(4) 6"x2" Poly On Steel Casters. For models H-100 & H-150 4800 lbs LESS the hopper weight30 LBS $129.00
H-CK4-SC6-2H-CK4-SC6-2(4) 6"x2" Semi Steel Casters. For models H-100 & H-150 4800 lbs LESS the hopper weight31 LBS $148.00
H-DPLG-2H-DPLG-22" threaded drain plug, located in left corner (includes leak proof chute welds)N/A2 LBS $211.00
LEKPLEKP Welded Leak Proof N/A5 LBS $76.00
LUGLUG(4) lifting lugs (welded) one on each cornerN/A23 LBS $324.00

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